The most accredited chefs in the world are reunited to deliver a message to the consumer:

  • Recognizing the QUALITY
  • Catching the TASTE
  • Preserving the HEALTH

Do you want a globally accredited Commercial Direction?

Reach out to explore your needs. Together we will find the best strategy to pursue your business goals.

We work together

to increase your distribution, turnover and profitability.


The only company in Italy for a Sales Management service that integrates with your supply chain management by defining strategic Marketing and Sales solutions.

With a direct organization of account relates to the Italian and European market, in a few months the distribution will know your company and your products.

L’ITALIANA – La pasta leggera scelta dagli chef
Pasta – Marella
Oral Care – Ranir
Etnico – Daloon
L’ITALIANA – La pasta leggera scelta dagli chef
Pasta – Marella
Oral Care – Ranir
Etnico – Daloon

Miss Orange is the Morsillo System

We are multiple Sales Departments operating on an outsourced basis.

Our clients include:

3M, Andriani, Bakerman, Bio Organica Italia, Bolsius, Botromagno Vigneti e Cantine, Cantina Tollo, Cantine Paololeo, Ciemme Alimentari, Clai, Commoditrade, Cotton Sound, Covelli, Dove Farm, Eurosirel, Ferrarini Food, Gioiella, Good Life Foods, Iasa, Intercos, Italsilva, L’Italiana, Le Ferre, Pastificio Marella, Mars, Moulins De Kleinbettingen, Nuhealth, Opac, Perrigo, Polinelli, Puma Conserve, Santex, Vignoni e tanti altri…

The Marketing Department of Miss Orange

Work with each company’s ecosystem to best serve the customer.

The organizational system of Miss Orange

It integrates in companies for international and directional service in marketing and sales to lead them in the global market.

Morsillo Direzione Commerciale srl
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270 Orfeo Mazzitelli
Street – Bari – Italy – 70124