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September 2023

Sunny Land Products

Company specialized in the cultivation and production of freeze-dried fruit made from fresh, launches on the European retail market “Bonaf“, a brand of 6 items in the healthy snacks category.

July 2023

Pastificio Marella

It become an Aldi supplier with 1 flavoured pasta reference under the ‘gourmet‘ brand with a launch date in Christmas 2023.

June 2023

Forno Ferrucci

Launch of the Certossa brand in LIDL Italia.


Launch of two electric toothbrush replacement brush-heads, battery-powered toothbrush, interdental range in Esselunga.

March 2023

Pastificio Marella

Becomes supplier of Lidl Germany with 3 flavoured pasta and 3 dry ready meals È pronta Marella branded with launch data on Christmas 2023

February 2023

Cotton Sound

Becomes partner with Esselunga with the Private Label line Verso Natura for make-up remover pads and cotton buds.

January 2023

Commercial direction Chef Italian Association

Morsillo takes the commercial direction of AIC.

Pastificio Marella winners of European Private Label Awards

The squid ink linguine item with the store brand  “Princip” (Salling Group) becomes one of the winners of the renewed contest.

Pastificio Marella

Becomes Penny Market supplier with private label products.

Forno Ferrucci

Becomes LIDL Italy supplier with Certossa brand.

Forno Ferrucci

Becomes Apulia Distribuzione supplier with private label products.

December 2022

Forno Ferrucci

Becomes Penny Market supplier with private label products.

November 2022


Becomes Penny Market supplier with Absolute brand.

Semptember 2022


Becomes Private Label COOP supplier with Daytech brand.

April 2022

Cippone & DiBitetto Marketing and Trade Marketing Management

From 1 April 2022 the challenge is consumer service.
CONCEIVE, relate to the consumer and give a great partnership service to the Ho.Re.Ca. system.

March 2022

Pastificio Marella

Becomes supplier of Salling Group in Denmark, under the store brand Princip within supermarket channel and Premieur within discounts.

February 2022

Ciemme Alimentari starting today in MD

With Glutee Free dumplings, it demonstrates its expertise, specialisation and innovation in the segment.

Perrigo the market leader in Oral Care

A leading company and specialist in oral care for over 40 years and with a turnover of 300 million euros, it serves almost the entire Italian market.
Perrigo is the European leader in MDD, with electric and manual toothbrushes, travel and technical oral care, interdental products and various accessories.

Santex technological innovation

Santex launches the technological innovation in hyper-absorbency: EGOSAN x-dry, to best satisfy 9 MILLION purchasers.
A broad target group of consumers aged 40 to 90, who are looking for hyper-absorbency and hyper-safety in the product.

Today you can find EGOSAN x-dry in Acqua e Sapone, Finiper, DM and CONAD.


Cotton Sound lands in Esselunga

Cotton Sound elevates the service by specialising the make-up removal pad offer, the quality of the cotton and differentiating the actions:

  • SILVER Antibacterial
  • BAMBOO Peeling
  • ARGAN Emollient

January 2022

Cantine Botromagno Cru

The Botromagno winery is relaunching its offer in Italy, bringing out its Cru and appreciating the high Apulian wines from its vineyards, which are located in the Murgia National Park.

Pastificio Marella conquers LIDL Belgium

Marella brings the value of unpasteurised artisanal dry pasta into the Deluxe category of LIDL Belgium.

It preserves health, enhances taste and proper nutrition.

Daloon Spring Rolls

With Esselunga the original spring rolls enter the Italian market, increasing the frozen ethnic offer.

Daloon’s ‘Street Food’ line is aimed at a modern, dynamic consumer in search of the typical flavours of Asian cuisine. Four simple, practical and quick Spring Rolls recipes!

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